The Prayer Room

is a place for individuals and groups who are yearning to worship and pray with believers from different churches and even denominations. All are welcome to join in and participate!


There is no physical prayer gathering in Menara Sentral Vista at the moment until further notice. If you would like to be a part of our weekly Tuesday worship (8:00pm-10:00pm), do click here to register @ EventBrite to obtain login details via e-mail. Please note that this is a ONE-TIME registration only. If you have registered before, do join us at

Last updated – 7th February 2022

Weekly Hours

Level 16, Menara Sentral Vista,
50470, Brickfields KL

1500-1800 Devotional Sets
1800-2000 Worship with the Word
2000-2200 Intercession Set

1900-2200 Worship/Word 

Worship Formats

We understand that in long hours of worship and prayer, it is easy to feel lost or disengaged.  Find out here about different worship formats, and how to engage while in the prayer room.

During this set, a worshipful atmosphere is facilitated by one or two individuals as their personal worship expression unto the Lord. You may use this time to dialogue with the Lord, meditate on His Word, pray, journal, paint, or even dance.

This set is a time where you can grow in the Word as the team dives into singing and meditating on a chosen chapter of the Word. One may consider this as a ‘singing bible study’, as the singers go back and forth, singing out their understanding of the Word as the Holy Spirit leads. You may use this time to dialogue with the Lord, meditate on His Word, pray, journal, paint, or even dance. It is also helpful to sing, speak out, or meditate on the Scripture in which the team is focusing on. 

We believe that the core of intercession is simply agreeing with what God said He will do based on His Word. This model allows the room to labour together corporately in the place of intercession. As the Spirit leads, there will be different topics of weekly intercession (i.e., praying for the Nation, strengthening of the Churches, the unreached people groups, e.t.c). We invite you to engage in small group prayers, or even praying at the microphone as the prayer leader directs.