Who We Are

KLHOP is a non-denominational prayer room which exists for the Body of Christ to come together into a place of worship and intercession. Our vision is to build a House of Prayer that unites the generations to proclaim the worth of Jesus through worship and prayer in our nation, and in the nations of the earth. The prayer room is a place where we corporately live out David’s life vision: to gaze on the beauty of God and to dwell in unbroken fellowship with Him (Psalm 27:4)

Our Core Values

Everything flows from our encounters with God. HIS LOVE has the power to transform and fill us – breaking us away from our former/sinful mindsets into vessels that He pours His glory into. Intimacy defines our constant connection to who He is and what He is revealing through our lives.

In KLHOP, we practice twofold honour. We honour God through obedience to His Word; we honour people for how He has created them and their divine destiny established in Christ.

In this community, authenticity is seen through sharing our journey with one another. We’re called to stand together in the good, the bad, and the ugly – constantly bringing each other back to the throne of grace.

We are called to carry a humble heart and a teachable spirit, always hungry to learn more about God and His ways.

We believe that when God moves He commands unity. God designed families to encounter His glory and reveal it to the world. Because of this we desire to move in community, practicing the two greatest commandments, laying down our lives daily for the sake of His kingdom purposes.

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